Spelljammer: Misadventures in Space 01

Welcome to the maiden voyage of Dice Paper Role’s early access to Wizards of the Coast’s Spelljammer campaign setting.

Join the fledgling recruits of Star Academy as they set out to rescue a long lost Admiral, only to find much more than they bargained for.

Recorded live at Comedy Republic on Sat July 2nd, 2022.

ft special guest Verity Higgins

Spelljammer releases August 16.  Find your nearest copy here

Episode Credits

Dungeon Master – Ben Clements

Admiral Astrid Stellar Starling – Verity Higgins
Pippo – Jack Kirby Crosby
Ross – Emil Freund
Juno – Lauren Bok
Click Clack – Dan Last

Production – Ben Clements

Recorded live at the Comedy Republic – July 2nd, 2022