Welcome! Hello, good traveler.

We are Australia’s freshest D&D podcast. Come on in and rest your weary feet, pop a cold ale and we’ll regale you with the tale of the Tight Five & Friends, brave adventurers and true...ish.

Join our heroes as they fumble their way through trolls and lols aplenty. We release DPR fortnightly, and are entirely self produced. Every episode features original music and artwork created by cast members.

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"But waaaaait a second," you say, "How do I know if I will even like this podcast?" To which we reply, "Feasteth your listening holes on some clipeths of our favourite biths belowe."

There's no place to start like the beginning.

BUT... if you'd prefer to skip to when the audio quality improves, start at Book 1, Chapter 23.

You'll find a quick catch up episode of "The Story So Far" that recaps the misadventures of the Tight Five to that point.

There's also a recap of Book 1 in the first chapter of Book 2 if you'd prefer to jump in to more recent episodes.
Whatever you choose, we hope that you have a rollicking good time listening to our shenanigans!

Tight Five..... OUT!