Journey into the wild realm of an unplugged game at the DPR table. See what it is like to play with us when we let loose. And by god, it is one loose game of Dungeons and Dragons.

Joined by friend of the show Robby Anderson, hear us tear Dan’s game plans apart from the very first line of dialogue. Hear his tears pitter-patter on the table as he runs a one hour game over three hours. Feel our delight in his frustration.

Strap in, and ready yourself, for:

DPR Raw.

Episode Credits

Dungeon Master – Dan Last
A’lan A-aron Aeon – Greg Pickering
Brakai – Emil Freund
Gus Tuon – Robby Anderson
Snatch – Ben Clements
Oriki’s Song – Jack Kirby Crosby

Episode Music – Emil Freund
Production – Ben Clements
Artwork – Jack Kirby Crosby