Dice Paper Role is made on the traditional lands of the Kulin Nation. We pay our deepest respects to their elders past and present. This Country always was, and always will be, Aboriginal land. 

DPR was started in Narrm (Melbourne) in 2017, when five good buddies decided their tabletop adventures were too good not to share. We made the switch to fifth edition, hit record, and haven’t looked back since. Now with over 100 episodes under our belt, and appearances at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Adelaide Fringe, and PAX, this show is going places. 

The show is released weekly on all good podcast apps as well as right hereWe have big plans for the future, if you want to help us grow you can find out more here.

Dice Paper Role is made by….

Greg Pickering

Greg likes long walks on secluded beaches, torturing players mercilessly for his own gratification and twisting the rules to extract the highest possible damage total. With decades of D&D and improv experience Greg is ready to roll dice at any time, and is working hard to banish all memory of his alter ego – Gerg. If only the police felt the same.

Emil Freund

Emil’s introduction to D&D was late in life, but now he’s found it he’s not letting go. Together with DPR he not only made more hours of content than any sane person would listen to, but he even wrote the music to accompany it. His style of improv has been described as a ‘throw heaps of shit at the wall and see what sticks’ approach.

Lauren Bok

Lauren Bok is an award winning comedian with big dragon energy. She does stand up, burlesque, mimes, silly voices and children’s comedy all at the same time. She hosts Elementary Springfield, a simpsons podcast and runs an alt burlesque night Linda’s Motley Revue, and has been described as ‘jaw-achingly brilliant’ by The Music and ‘a joy to watch’ by the Herald Sun.

Ben Clements

Ben’s first ever roll in D&D was a 1.  Clearly it didn’t scare him off…although it may have influenced his decision to play a lucky Halfing in DPR.

Editor of the pod, listen closely and you might just hear the moment his butthole clenches when the rest of the gang get so caught up in the chaos they forget there’s a story to follow. At least you would…if he wasn’t so good at editing.

Dan Last

Dan Last always wanted to play DnD, for years he travelled the land in search of a Master that would teach him the Way of the Dice.  His long and weary journey eventually lead him to the discovery of DPR, and he has been plotting their murder ever since… Their time will come… He WILL consume their power muahahahahahahaaaaaaa

Jack Kirby Crosby

Jack Kirby Crosby insists on being named in full to better optimise his SEO (we haven’t had the heart to tell him that’s unnecessary whilst speaking). Jack Kirby Crosby spends most of his time drawing, 3D modelling, designing and critiquing video games, or getting caught up in really intense political conversations on the web (#Bernie2020). In D&D, Jack Kirby Crosby’s goal is to throw as many curve balls at the DM as possible, because you can’t do that to computers… yet!

If you want to get in touch with us, please do. Our email address is info @ dicepaperrole .com