DPR: Curse of Strahd

DPR’s newest adventure is in the ancient valley of Barovia, a land sick under the spell of the vampire Strahd von Zarovich. This adventure features all new characters in a classic Wizards of the Coast horror setting. Will the new characters survive in this land of terror and defeat the Vampire? The only way to find out is to tune in…if you dare. 

Books 1 & 2

The original adventure, strap in for more than 70 episodes of 5e madness. From humble beginnings in the one horse town of Linborough to the far reaches of outer space let the Tight Five take you on a daring adventure. There’ll be friends, foes, laughter, romance, and a tear or two as the party attempts to save the multiverse from the clutches of (plot point redacted to avoid spoilers). Complete with sound effects and original music, this is D&D with bells on

Live Shows & One Shots

DPR bring you their live shows (recorded at some of Australia’s biggest festivals) and holiday one shots. Hear the chaos, the nail biting, the audience, the DM cacking their dacks trying to wrangle the players into the time limit. This is D&D stripped back and played for laughs and we make no apologies. Enjoy.