Spelljammer: Misadventures in Space 03

It’s Paverick’s birthday, so the crew of Star Academy head on down to Hip Hip Hippo Ray, a Giff operated water park, to celebrate!

Surely DM Dan Last wouldn’t kill off Paverick, the resident Red Shirt of the show on his birthday… or would he?

Recorded live at Comedy Republic, Sat September 10th, 2022

Episode Credits

Dungeon Master – Dan Last

Pippo – Jack Kirby Crosby
Ross – Emil Freund
Juno – Lauren Bok
Click Clack – Dan Last
Snufflepup Fluffypants – Greg Pickering
Brojock Norseman – Ben Clements

Production – Ben Clements

Recorded live at the Comedy Republic – September 10th, 2022