Dice Paper Role Podcast Episode 34 Illumination

This week DPR has a real treat for you. We’re broadcasting from the Greymead Stoat and Soap Symposium bringing you live tastings of some of the finest soups and fruit platters you’ll ever hear.

Your host Milchard Oblong describes each spoonful in painstaking detail. We taste Millie Mousette’s fabled Onion and Pear Soup, Brucemys Fanglesticks’ conjured Minestrone with Goats Cheese, and contemplate the origins of the meat in Barry D’Udder’s Chunky Pea and “Ham” surprise.

Episode Credits

Dungeon Master/Thandor – Dan Last
A’lan A-aron Aeon – Greg Pickering
Brakai – Emil Freund
Oriki’s Song – Jack Kirby Crosby
Snatch – Ben Clements

Episode Music – Emil Freund
Production – Ben Clements
Artwork – Jack Kirby Crosby