Sat July 2 Live Show at Comedy Republic on sale now!

The first of our monthly Comedy Republic live shows featuring special guest Mark Bonanno was an absolute blast and we can’t wait to share it with you all on our stream in the near future.

The next installment of Dice Paper Role’s will continue their adventure through the far reaches of space, with early access to the Spelljammer campaign setting.

Join them for their next live show at The Comedy Republic on Saturday July 2.

Join DPR for a game of Dungeons and Dragons like no other. No matter if you’re a barbarian or a bard, are a level 20 adventurer or have no idea what the f*ck that means, a live Dice Paper Role show is a stupidly good time. Come for the lols, stay for the trolls.

Dice Paper Role are Greg Pickering, Daniel Last, Ben Clements, Emil Freund, Jack Kirby Crosby, and Lauren Bok and will be joined each month (probably) by some special guests

Tickets available here.