6th August Comedy Republic Live Show

Join Dice Paper Role and special guest Scout Boxall as they boldly go where no D&D pod has gone before.


Because Wizards of the Coast gave us early access to Spelljammer.

And it’s ridiculous fun.

No matter if you’re a barbarian or a bard, a level 20 adventurer or have no idea what the f*ck that means, a live Dice Paper Role show is a stupidly good time. Come for the lols, stay for the trolls.

So get on down to Comedy Republic for the next installment of “Spelljammer: Misadventures in Space” on Saturday August 6!

Dice Paper Role are Greg Pickering, Daniel Last, Ben Clements, Emil Freund, Jack Kirby Crosby, and Lauren Bok.

Tickets available here.