Dice Paper Role Podcast Episode 21 Illumination

DPR brings you an exclusive preview of the long awaited 13th studio album of legendary experimental rockers Primus. ‘Sluice out the Turd’ is the album that barely got made, mainly due to the band’s crippling Pokémon Go addiction. Luckily for us, they didn’t understand micro transactions so they’ve had to down their devices and pick up their instruments to pay off Les Claypool’s Pikachu. We’re glad they did though as we now have sure fire hits like “About 80 bars of D”, “The one that sounds like an Ice Cream truck”, and “Mostly Static”. Personally this reporter can’t wait…I actually can’t…yeah…it’s terminal.

Episode Credits

Dungeon Master/A’lan A-aron Aeon – Greg Pickering
Brakai – Emil Freund
Oriki’s Song – Jack Kirby Crosby
Snatch – Ben Clements
Thandor – Dan Last

Episode Music – Emil Freund
Production – Ben Clements
Artwork – Jack Kirby Crosby