Dice Paper Role Podcast Episode 01 Illumination

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We come to you from Linborough, a peaceful town nestled on the edge of the Hastewood, west of Greymead.  We meet local entrepreneur and well-known fire salesman Blaise Scortchman, who had his fire cart stolen and then used for nefarious purposes. Is crime on the up in Linborough?  Does the evidence point to a hodgepodge group of adventurers newly arrived in town? Or was it the goblins that have been sighted recently? Sure, everyone saw the goblins take the fire, but could that be a result of centuries of racial conditioning? We let you decide…either way there’s something rotten in Linborough.


Episode Credits


Dungeon Master – Dan Last
A’lan A-aron Aeon – Greg Pickering
Brakai – Emil Freund
Oriki’s Song – Jack Kirby Crosby
Snatch – Ben Clements

Episode Theme Music – Emil Freund
Production – Ben Clements
Artwork – Jack Kirby Crosby

This episode uses the following tracks from incompetech:
“Achaidh Cheide”, “Call to Adventure”, “Celtic Impulse”, “Folk Round”, “Marty Gots a Plan”, “Pippin the Hunchback”, “Prelude and Action”, “Sneaky Snitch”, “Tempting Secrets”
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

This episode uses the following sounds from freesound:
Bar Atmosphere – Not So Busy by fogma (http://freesound.org/people/fogma/sounds/19870/)
Female screaming for help by 11linda (http://freesound.org/people/11linda/sounds/326893/)

This episode uses the following sound boards from ambient-mixer:
D&D Forest Night by blackout (https://forest.ambient-mixer.com/d-d-forest-night)
D&D Forest Travel by Styger (https://countryside.ambient-mixer.com/d-d-forest-travel)