DPR Live 22 – Space Fights (Definitely NOT a Star Wars Story)

May the 4th be with you!

To celebrate we bring you DM Lauren Bok’s wonderful space romp from our 2022 Melbourne International Comedy Festival season.

Ft special guest Tim Clarke, this ep is like Futurama, Space Balls & all the prequel memes had an orgy.

Recorded live on Fri April 8th 2022

Episode Credits

Dungeon Master – Lauren Bok

R2BJ – Timothy Clark
See Saw – Jack Kirby Crosby
Lola Clearwater – Emil Freund
Lance Clearwater – Ben Clements
Hans Together – Greg Pickering
Tabacco – Dan Last

Production – Ben Clements

Recorded live at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival – April 8th, 2022