Nov 5 Live Show Tickets

Only 2 shows left for the year peeps!

“It is a dark time for our heroes.

Lola and Lance Clearwater, R2BJ, Hans Together and his hairy sidekick Tobacco are all but destroyed, and Seesaw is…phwoar… just a hot mess right now.

Thrust into the crevasses of space, they stumble across an abandoned ship. Dark rumblings come from within. A creature stalks them, hungry.

In space, no one can hear you Wilhelm Scream…”

Featuring special guest Timothy Clark as the lovable (and very versatile) R2BJ, come join DM Lauren Bok as she navigates us through a Star Wars / Alien / Halloween / D&D mash up in true Dice Paper Role style: with dumb jokes, hilarious costume pieces and plenty of stupid fun and dice rolling.

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